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Data retention

Unali keeps the data as long as you need to query it. If you remove a file or delete a project, it will be deleted. Unali has a 0-day retention agreement with OpenAI, so no data is stored on OpenAI servers after a request has completed.


A subprocessor is a business that customer data may flow through when using Unali's service. Unali partner with these businesses for processes that are non-core yet essential for providing customers with a high-quality experience.

  • Datadog: for cloud infrastructure monitoring. Location: United States.

  • ​Google: customers may choose to contact Unali via email. Unali uses Google as its primary email service provider. Users may use email to share personal data. 
    Location: United States.


  • ​Heroku: Unali uses Heroku for cloud computing and hosting. Location: United States.

  • ​OpenAI: Unali uses OpenAI as the foundation for our LLM-based services. Location: United States.

  • Resend: Unali uses Resend to send your transactional emails about our services. Location: United States.

  • Stripe: Unali uses Stripe to process credit cards and payments. Location: United States.

  • Xano: Unali uses Xano for data storage.​

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data retention

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