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Web Application

1.     Playground page

Create or test an existing assistant.

1.1     Create assistant

Set your assistant's name and language.
Reach out to us if you can't find your language in the dropdown.

1.2     Test assistant

After creation, your new assistant will load alongside the AskUnali widget for you to test. In the future, you can access your new assistant at any time using the "select existing" dropdown.

2.     Content

Define the assistant's tone, offering and knowledge base.

2.1     Set assistant tone

Pick among three distincts tones: Expert, Coach or Companion.
All assistants are created with an expert tone by default. Selecting a tone will not affect the knowledge base the assistant can access.

2.2     Set assistant offering

Upload your offering. Your assistant will make sure to highlight the offering in its answers when relevant. Learn more about how to upload offering. If you have already uploaded an offering for another of your assistants, you can link it. Assistants can have only one offering at the time.

2.3     Set assistant knowledge base

Upload your own knowledge base. Your assistant will take it into consideration in its answers when relevant. If you have already uploaded an offering for another assistant, you can link it. Learn more.

3.     Layout

Define how the AskUnali widget for an assistant will display on your page.

3.1     Colors and border radius

Define the widget appearance's properties directly from the web application. You can copy the layout of another widget if you have already created one. If you wish all your assistant widgets to have the same appearance, you can hard code it in the dedicated stylesheet directly in the javascript tag. Learn more.

3.2     Question suggestions

Define the suggested questions that will appear each time the widget loads. You can drag and drop tiles to reorganize them. Only the first three questions appear in the mobile version.

4.     Queries

Review user queries for each or all assistant.

5.     Settings

Access user and widget settings by clicking on your username in the upper right corner.

5.1     Embed

Access the javascript tag that needs embedding in your code to display the widget. Make sure to white list the associated domain and paste the assistant's API key in the tag too. Learn more.

5.2     Users

Invite multiple users to work on an assistant. Only users that already have an AskUnali account can be invited.

5.3     Billing

Enter your payment information and set an email notification once usage reaches a certain threshold.

unali steps to launch

Go to:

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