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1.     Create project

Signup to the Unali dashboard. Create a new project.Upload sources (optional)

2.     Upload sources (optional)

Upload one or more data sources in the data sources tab. We support csv, doc, txt, json  and PDF (make sure you can select/highlight the pdf text).

While you upload sources, we ask you to label them. Make sure to label “faq” and “business terms” appropriately for accurate responses on the matter.

If you want to promote specific product or services, create a dedicated csv with names and URLs. Name this file “offering”.

If you haven’t created a project yet, uploading your first file will do it automatically for you.

3.     Personnalize the assistant (optional)

Allow up to 60 min for the processing of your data. You can now head to the playground to test a version of the assistant that includes your sources.

4.      Integration

Now that your assistant is ready, you can deploy it using our tag javascript or API.

unali steps to launch

Go to:

Create powerful question answering experiences. Try Unali for free.

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